Friday, February 1, 2013

Strong adjetives

I have found this information about adjetive three days ago, and I think is very importan to show a good level .


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  • Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Much/Many, A lot of

    Much and Many
    We use much with noncount nouns and many with count nouns.
    • Many cars are equipped with GPS systems.
    • I ate too many apples.
    • How many trees did you plant this weekend?
    • I don't know how many girls there are at our school.
    • I don't have much money.
    • Our teacher gives us too much homework.
    • How much sugar do we have?
    • I don't know how much water I drank.

    A lot of

    We use a lot of with noncount nouns and plural count nouns.
    • I ate a lot of apples.
    • A lot of people like to swim at night.
    • That dog has a lot of fleas.
    • Mary bought a lot of furniture.
    • The man gave us a lot of advice.

    The first question about 'many' and 'much', I think the original advice was very good: we tend to use 'many' and 'much' in questions and negatives, and use 'lots of' or 'a lot of' in affirmative statements - certainly in spoken English at least. 
    For example: 
    "There are lots of people in the street" AND "That is a lot of milk" are affirmative statements. 
    "There aren't many people in the street," is negative and "How much milk do you want?" is a question. 

    Grammatically speaking, there is nothing wrong with: 
    "There are many people in the park," but in spoken English, we're far more likely use: 
    "There are lots of people in the park." 

    But in more formal writing, it's probably true that we prefer 'many' and 'much' to 'a lot of' and 'lots of', so if you're speaking or writing to friends, it should be: "There are lots of cars in the street," or "People have written a lot about it." 
    But if you want to be more formal, perhaps "There were many cars in the street that day" or "Much has been written about it" might sound better. 

    Friday, December 7, 2012